Allowing you to create a stable basic income!

Contribution: Phase One – ended

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3192.47 ETH

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What is GPC?

It is a platform where all users can easily perform mining.

We will provide a mining service, where a mid-range investment into equipment and complex managing systems is not required from each individual miner as blockchain develops, but rather focuses on a system where every person in the world takes part.

With this platform anyone can easily take part in the mining, and can achieve an actual basic income.

The necessity of mining

The reasons why the recent skyrocketing of virtual currency prices have drawn a lot of attention is because of the investment opportunities, the fact that you can make purchases with virtual currency, and because the transfer fees are cheap. And of course one of the technologies called “blockchain,“ that was devised to create virtual currency. The truth is that the technology called “blockchain“ itself is what caused the virtual currency boom, and that is why it has been talked about so much. Blockchain is a “Decentralized transaction ledger that cannot be falsified and everyone can inspect“. It is made up of several block chains and its use is not limited to only virtual currency. By applying this technology to other industries, the users of the blockchain technology can create a collectively managed, unfalsifiable, ledger that operates under a fixed set of rules.

Various fields have started examining where they can apply this technology. For example, in the energy field in America, they are researching possibilities to utilize blockchain to record the electricity usage in each household; collect fees through virtual currency; unify the buying and selling of electricity in electric power retailing and privately generated power. Also, in health care, they are thinking of using blockchain to handle electronic medical records. This would allow them to send patients´ clinical information to researchers without revealing their personal data. Even government institutions are turning their attention to blockchain technology. In government institutions there are different ledgers for managing people, organizations and assets, as well as data on registrations, tax collection, electronical voting, etc. – information that must not be altered in any way, requires transparency, and any kind of changes need to be recorded in detail. This is an area where the essence of blockchain technology can truly shine.

The essential part of blockchain technology is mining. The word “mining“ itself means the act of confirming information and adding all recorded transactions into a transaction ledger. It must accurately record information, while confirming the validity of the transaction ledger data that is stored and decentralized in the network and all of the transaction data that occurred in the moment of the addition. In other words, without mining you cannot create a blockchain or a virtual currency by force. With the explosive spread of blockchain where the mining process is essential, it is no exaggeration to say that the importance of mining itself will become even more important.

The structure of GPC

The GPC network creates a mining pool in an encrypted P2P network, using the blockchain technology.
This way the system can run autonomously without a centralized managing system, which makes it a safe and equally distributed platform.

About token

The GPC network operates, and is maintained, by having users join the mining pool.
In order to unify the mining pool's value and measure the uniformity, the GPC token (Symboled: GPC) exists as the only currency that is used in the GPC network.

Contribution (GPC token creation)

We have divided the contribution section into 3 phases and split them based on the raised funds to make it clear what we will be working on through the different stages.

[Raised Funds]

We aim to raise a total of 20,000 ETH through the contributers´ GPC purchases.

Funds Raised:20,000ETH
Total amount of created GPC: 3 billion GPC

[The value of a GPC token]

Contributions will be based on a fixed relation to Ethereum.
1 ETH: 50,000 GPC

[Purchasing limit]

We will have a purchasing limit per account.
Minimum purchasable amount:1 ETH
Maximum purchasable amount:1,000 ETH


Contributions to raise funds will handle in different stages.
In addition, you will receive an Early Bird Bonus based on your contribution and the current stage. (In the first stage the bonus is 50,000 GPC times your contribution; In the last stage the bonus will be 15,000 GPC)

Duration from token
Crowdsale event start
GPC/ETH HongKong 9 pm start
1st 5days 50000 Time up or 100 million GPC reached.
2st 5days  45000 Time up or 90 million GPC reached
3rd 5days 40500 Time up or 81 million GPC reached
4th 5days 36500 Time up or 72 million GPC reached
5th 5days 32800 Time up or 63 million GPC reached
6th 5days 29500 Time up or 54 million GPC reached
7th 5days 26500 Time up or 45 million GPC reached
8th 5days 23800 Time up or 36 million GPC reached
9th 5days 21400 Time up or 27 million GPC reached
10th 5days 19200 Time up or 18 million GPC reached
11th 5days 17200 Time up or 9 million GPC reached

Core Team Member

HideMi Takeuchi


Isaac Leung


Billy Chan